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Get The Job Done

Little Aussie Diggers have the perfect hire machine for tight and cramped spaces, small sites or quick and easy projects.

Our Diggers have an expendable undercarriage for those narrow areas that reduces down to 990mm & expends to 1280mm for good stability during excavation.

Specialist attachments that gives you the flexibility to swap out attachments quickly and easily on-site


  • 900mm Tilt Mud Bucket
  • Hydraulic Rock Grab
  • Auger Drive
  • Auger Bit 200mm
  • Auger Bit 300mm
  • Auger Bit 350mm
  • Auger Bit 450mm
  • Excavator Ripper Attachment
  • Trench Bucket 300mm
  • Rock Bucket 450mm
  • Mud Bucket 900mm
  • Dozer Blade

All-Tow Trailer 2.9-Tonne

The All-Tow Trailer is designed to be towed behind your standard 4wd with a towing capacity of 3-tonne.

Quick & Easy pick-up and drop-off.