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Pay $150 + GST upfront cost to hire our equipment as insurance. If damage was to occur to equipment and it exceeds the $150 + GST an excess of $500 + GST is paid by customer.
Yes we have insurance, however any damage occurred, the customer hiring the equipment will have to pay the excess of $2500 if the customer chooses not to add the damage excess fee.
Persons hiring equipment is responsible for any damage occurred and the costs associated.

Yes, the equipment is full of fuel (Diesel) at pick up, we require the equipment to be full of fuel (Diesel) at drop off. A charge of $3.30 per litre will be charged if equipment is not full of fuel at drop off.

Yes, the equipment is picked up clean it must be dropped off clean or there will be a $70 per hour cost to the persons hiring the equipment.

Yes we will deliver Equipment anywhere on the Sunshine Coast